Yahoo Announces Free Website for US Businesses

Local Listings

According to the Search Engine Journal,

More than 10-million US businesses do not have websites. According to the Kelsey Group, this represents over 50% of all small businesses. Yahoo, or more specifically, the Local search division at Yahoo wants to make these business owners an offer they have no particular reason to refuse. Actually, the offer looks pretty good for the small business owner who hasn’t made the jump to the web but thinks he or she should.

The offer, known as Yahoo Local Listings is open to any US based business that maintains a physical address and serves its local area. “This is a no-brainer opportunity for any business to sign up and get a web site for free,� said Paul Levine, General Manager, Yahoo Local in an interview with Search Engine Watch editor Chris Sherman.

A basic listing, which is free, will offer a simple, 5-page brochure site displaying a business logo, name and contact info, service information, and links to other websites. An enhanced listing costs $9.95 per month and offers more information to Local-search users on the results pages including a bolded company slogan or tagline.

Both basic and enhanced Local listings come with the website creation offer and both will guarantee business information is represented in the Yahoo’s local search directory and in Yahoos general index. An added bonus to having a Yahoo local listing site is that when it is included in Yahoo’s index, it is open to spidering from all other search engines.


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