SAP’s New Learning Resources

SDN – eLearning Resources

SAP has created much-improved online learning resources which are now accessed through the site (registration required). A few years ago, getting documentary information was a tedious task, or required going onsite for training – but SAP has improved learning resources dramatically in the past two years, and better yet, the content is free to registered users.

Below are key links to the content and brief descriptions by SAP.

SDN Pilot Areas
Here you will find on-line materials and courses that teach you a variety of hands-on skills along with theoretical knowledge. Our eLearning offerings are designed to provide a learning experience that is valuable, interesting and enjoyable to you.

eLearning Repository.
Wherever you are within the eLearning Area, you can always jump to a different eLearning solution via the relevant homepage. The currently available eLearning catalogs are:

SAP-eClass *
SAP-eClass is a self-paced online eLearning solution. It has an electronic classroom environment that offers a complete, modular and self-contained learning experience.
eClasses integrate multiple educational media including streaming instructor video, synchronized animated presentations, exercise handbooks, interactive product demos and online quizzes – all served within a single intuitive navigation interface.

SAP-eBook *
SAP-eBooks are standalone self-paced presentations with audio, delivered by professional instructors and subject matter experts, which can include movies, interactive demos and quizzes. They teach a variety of product concepts and skills.


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