SAP Press: Rich Internet Applications on WAS

SAP PRESS – Upcoming Releases

This site gives you the to-be-release new books from SAP, including Bernd Will’s “Rich Internet Applications on the SAP Web Application Server” (see the previous WHO blog entry).

This all-new technical reference guide, the newest in the SAP PRESS Essentials Series, shows you how you can use RIAs – Rich Internet Applications (for reporting and analysis tasks, for example) – to reduce the load on your database and your application server.

Readers learn how to shift all layout information – and even parts of the application logic – from the SAP Web Application Server, to the client. You’ll uncover the advantages of the RIA approach, learn how to solve layout issues, and implement client-side data retrieval through Web services. The author selected Flash MX 2004, an ideal tool for developing modern business applications, as the front-end technology, and shows you how to leverage its greatly improved graphical formatting options and comparatively simple development techniques, to make your project a success.


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