Helpful SAP BW Refererences – A Partial List

Doug’s BI Bookmarks

sap – help library
3.0b Help
Administrator Workbench Process Controls
Alert Container (SAP Library – Alert Management (BC-SRV-GBT-ALM))
BI Content
BW Text Search Home Page
Frame Layout Help
Portal Functions in the Web Application Designer (SAP Library – SAP Business Information Wareho
Portals – Roles
Reporting Agent (SAP Library – BI Platform)
SAP Knowledge Warehouse Logistics
SAP Library – BI Platform
SAP Library – BI Suite Business Explorer
SAP Library – Business Information Warehouse 30b
SAP Library – EP 5.0 Administration Guide
SAP Library – SAP Enterprise Portal Documentation
SAP Library – Settings for Reporting Agent Exceptions
SAP Unifier for BW
Service Parameter List (SAP Library – ITS Service Parameters
System-Specific URL Parameters
Tabs – BI Suite Business Explorer
Web Template Properties

sap – independent sites
ABAP Hints and Tips – Home
BW FAQGCN Interface
BW Mailing List Interface
SAP FAQ Members’ Choice Top 25
sap genie
Top SAP Sites

sap – iviewstudio
sap – sdn developers network
Portal Research
EP 6.0 Install – Service Marketplace
iviewstudio campaign managment screen shots
iviewstudio Procurement Package
Portal FAQs
Portal SDK Version
Portal Studio
SDN – The SAP Developer Network
Alert Management SDN
FAQ (SAP Library – Web Application Server)
KHN Sessions
list of all the bw 3.x how to guides
Pilot – SDN TV
SAP Community – SAP Executive Blogs
SDN – The SAP Developer Network – BW
SDN Top contributors

sap – service
SAP Service Marketplace – By Topic Area
SAP Service Marketplace – SAP Notes Search
service – bw

sap – education & conferences
ASUG210 – Advanced Web Reporting with SAP BW
CTI Center for Technology Innovation – SBA UWM Mon Site SAP SAP ABAP Programming Tests, Exams, Tips, Standards, Certification and Training
SAP TechEd ’03 Las Vegas, Download Presentations
SAP TechEd ’04 San Diego
SDN – The SAP Developer
The Conference 2004


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