30 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on the Web

This PC World article gives a number of interesting findings, such as web-based book publishing for $8.50 (see below), even how to charter your own jet. Some of it is actually quite interesting and useful, giving a sense of the breadth and creativity of web-based solutions that have appeared in recently on the web.

Trend Buzz, Reality TV, and more…
Free Tech Help, Parenting Skills, and more…
Charter Jet, Get Surreal, and more…
Desktop Info: Webify Your Desktop
Web APIs: Make the Big Sites Work for You
Be Your Own Shock Jock
Make $$ From Your Site

Publish Your Masterpiece
So you’ve completed your 1000-page opus but can’t find a publisher? Do it yourself on Lulu.com. Unlike most self-publishing sites, Lulu charges no up-front fees and requires no minimum orders. Just upload a word processing document and follow a wizard to choose the book’s size, format, cover art, and price or commission. Lulu takes 20 percent of the cover price. You can sell your book via Lulu, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or your own Web site. If you order copies for yourself, you pay only binding and printing costs–around $8.50 for a standard 200-page paperback.


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