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SAP NetWeaver, Development Subscription

For $2,300, full access to new development tools. Just like having your own discovery server, but cheaper.

Subscription provides a one-year development, evaluation, and test license to the following software, education and service components.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
Build J2EE-based multi-tiered business applications using the Eclipse-based integrated development environment.

ABAP Workbench
Develop and modify SAP R/3-based client-server applications using an integrated development environment designed specifically for the ABAP language.

Web Dynpro
Create customized Java- or ABAP-based user interfaces for your applications using the drag-and-drop features of this tool.

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer
Develop pattern-based or freestyle user interfaces, and define the flow of data between them using this tool which utilizes a simple drag-and-drop style of model-driven development.

SAP NetWeaver Platform
The SAP NetWeaver platform which includes those applications such as Business Intelligence (BI), Process Integration (PI), the Java Application Server, Master Data Management (MDM), Mobile and Knowledge Management (KM) that enable:

  • Data unification – Ensure that your master data is accurate, free of duplicated records, and normalized
  • Process integration – Make disparate applications and business partners’ systems work together
  • Business information management – Increase the visibility and reach of structured and unstructured enterprise data

Patches and Updates
Download the latest patches and updates from the SAP Service Marketplace and access the knowledge base for the latest information.

Testing Access the Enterprise Services Workplace
Test your applications against SAP’s repository of enterprise services.

Premium Access in Forums
Get faster responses to your technical questions from the community by having your posts highlighted in the forums so they have more visibility. Your premium status enables you to award up to double the regular points for the best responses.

Virtual SAP TechEd
Access online recorded sessions from worldwide SAP TechEd events. Included are presentation slides, synchronized audio, streaming video, and downloadable PDF files.

SAP NetWeaver platform product box.
Receive a product box with the set of DVDs and installation documentation for the SAP NetWeaver platform so you can easily get started.


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