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I’m familiar with the wonderfully effective site, which provides a single “service complaint portal” (and to be fair also for positive feedback).

But on the business side of the equation, Intelliseek, which owns PlanetFeedback, has powerful web-based business intelligence tools and services that help companies use high-tech datamining tools to glean customer attitudinal data from the web and other sources.

You can learn more by going to, or read this brief summary.

According to Intellliseek’s published corporate background,

“We are among the first companies to pioneer the concept of 360-degree marketing intelligence, challenging companies and brands to look holistically across all their consumer or customer touch points. We’ve married this business concept with world-class discovery and mining technology, and we deliver high-impact marketing automation and marketing transformation solutions to progressive marketers, researchers and analysts.

Technology leadership is another distinguishing characteristic that sets us apart. Since 1997 and through a series of technology and corporate acquisitions, we have focused on developing a type of technology that answers the fundamental question: ‘how can we improve professionals’ research and analysis capabilities, how can we leverage the exponentially growing amount of unstructured content that exists within and outside any organization, company or enterprise?’

We are leaders in federated content discovery technologies, providing access to more sources, more data types and more languages than other vendors. We provide rich administration tools to add/remove new content sources. We specialize in industry-standard, open architecture and APIs for seamless integration into any large enterprise network, and we create user-friendly applications.

We are leading with content mining technologies featuring classifiers/categorizers that are suitable to different types of content and state-of the art machine-learning techniques that extract entities, relationships, sentiments, facts and events from unstructured data.

We have unique methodologies and step-by-step processes in which disparate, unstructured content is converted into actionable business intelligence — charts, graphs and alerts.”

Here is information on a specific solution offering – BrandPulse.

BrandPulse Internetâ„¢
What is BrandPulse Internetâ„¢?
BrandPulse Internetâ„¢ is an Internet Monitoring application that helps marketers, market researchers and product developers measure and track the pulse of consumer “buzz” about any brand, company, or emerging issue. The BrandPulse Internet solution collects and analyzes content from public online databases and discussion boards, and it reports actionable insights via a convenient digital dashboard. BrandPulse represents Real-time Marketing Intelligence at its best.

How Can BrandPulse Internetâ„¢ Help You?
Online consumer discussion data is reported in an easy-to-use, sophisticated desktop analytical tool. The BrandPulse Internet solution can search millions of data points to tell your company:

What’s the buzz about my brand/show? Is it growing? Shrinking?
Is my advertising message penetrating the clutter of other branding noise?
Where are people hanging out on the Internet to discuss my brand, my competitors?
What new products/product improvements should be made?
What are the new phrases, ideas and concepts being discussed on the Internet about my brand?
How does the Internet influence consumer purchase decisions and brand loyalty?
Twenty percent of consumers who purchased a 2001 or 2002 vehicle sought the advice of other consumers online before they bought. Based on 2002 automotive sales figures, that’s about 3 million consumers! With the rapid growth of Internet message boards and discussion rooms about a wide range of products and services, companies can no longer afford to look at online consumer discussion data anecdotally. Thanks to Intelliseek’s technology, this data is carefully sorted and analyzed, supplementing traditional research data and providing a 360-view of consumer understanding. Our clients say it is some of the best research available for Marketing Intelligence.

How Can BrandPulse Internetâ„¢ Be Used?
BrandPulse Applications/Modules/Uses

Reputation Management
Buzz Measurement and Analysis
Marketing Message Optimization/Advertisement Effectiveness
New Initiative/Product Assessment
Competitive Analysis/Intelligence
Product Research and Trend Analysis
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Management
BrandPulse Internet is Unique
Other vendors offer clipping services, surveys or some Internet monitoring, but their clients are often left with mountains of uninterpreted data or minimal support for analyzing the collected information. BrandPulse goes a step further, thanks to the search technology that powers it. Its proprietary methodology includes four phases: discovery, mining, analysis, and reporting.

Content Discovery: The BrandPulse solution scours the Internet to find relevant discussions about brands, issues, trends and hot topics, and BrandPulse’s broad coverage finds and collects conversations happening on the Internet across three main areas: Large Portals (USENET, general interest sites, etc.), Industry Verticals (specialized sites, such as automotive or health web sites) and MicroSites and smaller communities, including web logs. Intelliseek can add new discussions as they emerge or can go back in time across information that’s been indexed over the past three years.

Content Mining: Intelliseek’s content mining capabilities are rooted in machine-learning and natural language processing technologies that mine unstructured data — vast amounts of raw text — to discover the intelligence it contains. These technologies are able to identify key phrases and words, detect the nature and strength of sentiment in text, classify and categorize data to provide meaning and relevance, and extract specific facts and data points to create the meaning and context that lead to intelligence.

Analysis: Data is sorted by source, volume, and other metrics that help provide insights on concepts, sentiments and trends in consumer opinions. The analysis tools provide totally new ways of considering and measuring marketing data and factors, including competitive benchmarks, overall consumer “buzz” about certain products or brands, and the likelihood of active, influential consumers spreading their opinion and influence to others (virality).

Reporting: Once information is discovered, the BrandPulse solution is able to break down information about brands, companies or issues across any number of metrics, all in near real-time. We are able to create thousands of reports in a customized manner for any client.

The result? Marketers, market researchers and business development professionals get a holistic view of customer insights in order to make smarter, more informed, strategic marketing decisions. Plans can be executed efficiently and intelligently.


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