Swivel – Wide Open Data Exploration Community

Swivel – Wide Open Data Exploration Community

OECD and Swivel Invite Curious People to Explore, Discuss and Debate the OECD Factbook

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — April 16, 2007 — Swivel, a data exploration Web site for curious people, today announced that The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will make its 2007 OECD Factbook available on Swivel’s site, http://www.swivel.com. The OECD is an intergovernmental organization that facilitates discussion among its member countries on economic, social and environmental issues. Now, inquisitive people can easily obtain the most accurate and current set of economic, social and environmental indicators worldwide and discuss them openly with a community of interested peers. Read the full release

Swivel in Nature

Declan Butler of the journal Nature, wrote an article about Swivel and IBM’s Many Eyes in the March 1st, 2007 edition. From the article: “I’m often frustrated by my inability to analyse in a different way data that are printed in peer-reviewed publications, when I’m interested in looking at a relationship that the authors didn’t think of,” [Brent Edwards, director of the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, California] says. If research organizations and journals linked the raw data behind papers to social software tools such as Swivel and Many Eyes, he argues, “it would have considerable value to the scientific community as a whole”. Read the full article

Swivel in Fast Company

Michael Prospero at Fast Company wrote an article about Swivel in the March 2007 issue. He and the graphics team there did a cool job telling the story of how we got Swivel off the ground. Here’s an excerpt: “Swivel, a new startup, lets users upload, compare, and contrast data—from iPod sales to wine consumption—to make sense of the world.” A Web 2.0 story in charts. ” You can read it on page 26 of the print magazine or if you are a subscriber you can read it online.

Swivel Mentioned in Wired

Wired mentioned Swivel in their Playlist for February: “Imagine our delight at a Web site that not only lets you play with other people’s data but also helps you make your own charts! (Yes, we’re nerds: and that surprises you why?) Upload Excel files or enter your own figures. From there, create a mashup of your data with someone else’s, pick a pretty chart style, and kiss Excel ugliness good-bye.” Read the full playlist

The TechCrunch Blog Post That Started It All

Michael Arrington single-handedly launched Swivel Preview into the blogosphere when he wrote: “Swivel Co-founders Dmitry Dimov and Brian Mulloy start off by describing their company as “YouTube for Data.” That’s a good start for someone trying to understand it, because the site allows users to upload data – any data – and display it to other users visually. The number of page views your website generates. Or a stock price over time. Weather data. Commodity prices. The number of Bald Eagles in Washington state. Whatever. Uploaded data can be rated, commented and bookmared by other users, helping to sort the interesting (and accurate) wheat from the chaff. And graphs of data can be embedded into websites. So it is in fact a bit like a YouTube for Data.” Read the post


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