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SAP / Business Objects Acquires SPSS

The enterprise does not only want the ability to look back; it wants the ability to look forward.

Forecasting the future of business intelligence InfoWorld Weblog December 11, 2007 By Ephraim Schwartz

This is an interesting development that helps SAP’s BI solutions look much more robust.

One of my Steelcase analytics colleagues referred to BW as “the data jailhouse”. He happened to be a PhD. in Stats, and saw the BW layer as nothing but a nuisance lying between the source data and his real analytics which happened to be SAS.

Now that the bigger fish, SAP, has swallowed a fish, Business Objects, which in turn has swallowed SPSS. Seen together, we have the ability to provide a robust analytical solution out within SAP for the first time ever.

To be explored in the future will be migration paths from current BI 3x and BI7 to a full BI / BO / SPSS platform.


SAP Joins New Blog Council

This month in Chicago SAP joined with Cisco Systems, The Coca-Cola Company, Dell, Gemstar-TV Guide, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Nokia, and Wells Fargo to launch the corporate-oriented Blog Council.

According to the group announcement “Personal blogs, small-business bloggers, and blog experts don’t face the same business issues that we do. We need to speak for our corporations while being responsible members of the blog community. We have to speak for a corporation, but never sound corporate. We have to reconcile the often contrasting rules of corporate communications and blog etiquette. There are few resources specific to the unique needs of this community.”

After the launch of the Software Developer Network, SAP has come a long way in leveraging blogging through the SDN blogs.

SAP has yet to introduce a blogging component in the Netweaver / Portals space. A review of the Netweaver Partner Solutions finds only the web content management Netweaver add-on eMakina TeamWeaver, which doesn’t provide blogging.

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