ITIL: Guidance for Governance

ITIL is the most widely accepted international standard for IT governance consisting of nine sections (ITIL2):

The IT Service Management sets

> 1. Service Delivery
> 2. Service Support
> 3. ICT Infrastructure Management
> 4. Security Management
> 5. The Business Perspective
> 6. Application Management
> 7. Software Asset Management
> 8. Planning to Implement Service Management (implementing ITIL)
> 9. ITIL Small-Scale Implementation

To learn more, go the the ITIL wiki [](

I have also posted an abbreviated version of the content required for ITIL certification, which gives a good survey of the elements which ITIL includes:


The Section 3 ICT is a great resource for Enterprise Application governance. Here is an image of the governance process – useful, validated, and conceptual independence from the proprietary approaches of consulting firms and vendors.


As always with templates we use for complex enterprise problems, these are a good starting point for *guided*, thoughtful discussions within the company.


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