Charlene Li captures 60 minutes of fame

Sometimes I have wondered whether my exploration of social networking was relevant to my role in enterprise information…RSS, unlimited personal publishing… what does that have to do with enterprise applications, right? Then a voice in my head says wait – couldn’t you establish rss feeds against data parameters within the company and feed them to executives, as I do with feedburner?… couldn’t we find patterns in the data automatically and feed it to the right audiences?… what rss can do for customized news could be applied to distributing analytic alerts / news?…

My guide to these complexities has been Charlene Li of Forrester Research, who appeared on 60 minutes this weekend, to my surprise. She spoke on CBS’s 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl in a segment about the wunderkind of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, worth an incredible $3 billion of Facebooks $15 billion capitalization (did I mention he is 23 years old?)

I don’t think we in business fully appreciate the potential of this explosive technology – it has all happened bafflingly fast. I can’t think of a better guide to the confusion than Li. In fact, Li herself complains of the complexities of managing all the different social networking “personal graphs”… nothing is shared as it is supposed to be able to with an enterprise service, right SAP?

Forrester publishes team blogging by subject area, so Li and Josh Bernoff report together on the state-of-the-art in social marketing technologies. They are publishing a new book on this subject, “Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies”.

Their blog is a great place to go to understand the strategic uses for social networking technologies, and to keep up on the news. Bernoff recently published this post which employs Forresters “Technographic Ladder” segmentation to presidential politics.

Here is the segmentation scheme. Let’s think about our islands of resistance and of acceptance internally when we try to explain the need for SOA or other technological adoption – there is an element of marketing here!


The blog explains the technographic differences between democrats and republicans… since democrats are more likely to embrace new technology he says, the party provides good soil for the new technology campaigning methods of Barak Obama.

Here we see the segmentation applied to the democratic field:



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