Greg the Architect – SOA this, SOA that

Award-winning YouTube humor from Tibco, part of a savvy marketing program by to promote thier SOA offerings. The stereotypes are spot-on. Greg, go-getter that he is even has his own website.



Tibco’s SOA library is very good, as are their SOA journals.



Articles and Reports

Aberdeen: SOA Middleware takes the lead

Aberdeen: Governance is critical to ROI

SOA Middleware Takes the Lead: Picking Up Where Web Services Leave Off

“The SOA Challenge” from Paul Brown’s
Succeeding with SOA

Forrester Wave: Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suites,
Q4 2006

Forrester Research names TIBCO a Leader in Integration-Centric BPM

Business Process Management on an SOA Foundation
A Unified Framework for Process Design and Deployment

Leverage Complex Event Processing to Improve Operational Performance


Dancing with Elephants – Making SAP More Agile with Event-driven SOA

Implementing Governance for SOA

SOA Governance: Policy Management in Practice

Beyond Process Modeling: Why and How to Move Ahead with BPM and SOA

A Convenient Marriage: Uniting BPM & SOA in Business 2.0

To BPEL or Not to BPEL: The Insider’s Guide to BPEL 2.0

Master Data Management and Why It Is Essential for Successful SOA

TIBCO ActiveMatrix – TIBCO’s Service Virtualization Platform

A Planning Guide to SOA

Improving Policy Acquisition and Servicing Using SOA

Building an Effective SOA and Integration Program

The Road Ahead for Standards

Best Practices on the Way to SOA Webinar

A Practitioner’s Perspective: TelCove on SOA Best Practices Webinar

Open Standards for the SOA Development Lifecycle & Runtime Infrastructure: SCA & JBI Webinar

Service Enabling the Mainframe with TIBCO Mainframe Service Suite

Making SAP Part of Your SOA Webinar

Integration: BPM’s Dirty Little Secret; Making Good with SOA

Choosing the Right Bus on the Way to SOA

SOA Security: How to Safeguard Your IT Infrastructure from Internal and External Threats

Principles of Composite Application Assembly: Web Services Creation, Services Enablement and Orchestration

Demystifying Web Services and Other Standards and the Role They Play in an SOA

Best Practices for Integrating Your Business

Accelerating Time to Market with Business Integration

Optimizing Customer and Partner Relationships with Integration

Planning and Building an Architecture that Lasts

Achieving Business Agility with Integration

Leveraging Service-Oriented Integration to Improve Customer Service at Lufthansa Cargo


Ask the expert: Bill McLane  Podcast
Low Latency Messaging

Ask the expert: Sid Suri Podcast
Why MDM is Critical to SOA

Ask the expert: Kevin Hakman Podcast
Message in a Browser – Ajax Message Service

Ask the Expert: Nelson Petracek Podcast
Virtualizing the SOA and Application Data Center

Ask the Expert: Howard Weingram Podcast
Service-Oriented UI – The Page Bus

Ask the Expert: Chris Martha Podcast
Automating Service Level Management

Ask the Expert: Paul Brown Podcast
Implementing SOA Governance for Development

Ask the Expert: Scott Vorthmann Podcast

Ask the Expert: Danny van der Rijn Podcast
BPEL 2.0 – Ready for Prime Time

Ask the Expert: Eric Johnson  Podcast
Registry vs. Repository

Ask the Expert: Rasta Mansour  Podcast
Policy Management

Ask the Expert: Thierry Schang Podcast
Unifying Service Governance Across Development and Operations

Ask the Expert: Raghu Thiagarajan Podcast
Service Virtualization

Ask the Expert: Matt Quinn  Podcast
TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ The Industry’s First Service Virtualization Platform

Ask the Expert: Dave Leigh  Podcast
Making SOA Scale

Ask the Expert: Pong Ching  Podcast
Service Existing SAP Applications in SOA

Ask the Expert: Paul Brown  Podcast
Roadmap to SOA

Ask the Expert: Don Adams  Podcast
Making SOA Secure

Ask the Expert: Kevin Hakman  Podcast
Web 2.0: Using Ajax to Build Rich Internet Clients.

Ask the Expert: Dan Leshchiner  Podcast
Reliable Messaging and Its Role in SOA.

Ask the Expert: Pong Ching  Podcast
Why Should I Care About Events for Advanced SOA?

Ask the Expert: Shivajee Samdarshi  Podcast
JBI vs. SCA: What Is the Difference and Why Should I Care?

 Third Party Podcasts

Total Architecture elevates SOA to its business benefits potential Podcast
Book Review Discussion

Information Age Infocast: Service Virtualization Podcast
Using service virtualization to manage the variety of standards and platforms.

Information Age Infocast: SOA Governance  Podcast
Using governance tools and processes to ensure maximum reuse and ROI.

Information Age Infocast: SOA in Practice  Podcast
An interview with David Byrne, architecture director at Carphone Warehouse.

Information Age Infocast: Predictive Enterprise Podcast
An interview with Vivek Ranadivé on real-time business and complex event processing.

Hear Neil Macehiter of Macehiter Ward-Dutton discuss how SOA transforms business effectiveness  Podcast
An interview with Neil Macehiter of Macehiter Ward-Dutton, keynote speaker at TIBCO’s recent seminar SOA: Principles, Practices, Proof.



Architected Solution Delivery: Towards a Better SOA Process

SOA and Complexity: Discovering the New Business Value

Accurate Data: A Critical Success Factor for SOA

Executives Warn: SOA Demands More Than Just Technical Change

Service Governance and Virtualization for SOA

Enterprise Architecture and Integration: Methods, Implementation, and Technologies

Embracing SOA The Benefits of Integration Independence

The Road to Enterprise-Class SOA

TIBCO SOA Governance Best Practices: An Introduction

TIBCO SOA Project Organization, Staffing and Funding Best Practices: An Introduction

TIBCO Services Life Cycle Best Practices: An Introduction

TIBCO Service-Oriented IT Organizational Structure Best Practices: An Introduction

UDDI and Beyond

Extending the Benefits of SOA Beyond the Enterprise

Data Integration Is Key to Realizing the Full Potential of SOA


Enabling Real-Time Business Through A Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Architecture


Designing Services in an SOA Using TIBCO BusinessWorks

Service Mediation



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