What SAP Customers Should Look out for in 2008 (SearchSap)

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What SAP customers/users should watch for in 2008
January 7th, 2008 by The SearchSAP.com Editorial Team

What should we expect from SAP in 2008? We want to know! SearchSAP.com asked the same question when speaking to analysts: “What is the most important thing that SAP customers/users/etc should watch for in 2008?” Here is one response we received from Derek Prior, Research Director specializing in SAP at AMR Research:

My research into best practices for SAP customers reveals one word which sums up every single SAP customer: BUSY!

Busy with projects for SAP roll outs, upgrades, consolidations and extensions. As an SAP analyst now for nearly 10 years I have just one recommendation for busy SAP customers when reviewing their checklists for 2008:

Work with the Enterprise Architects (EA) team within your company to integrate your SAP Solution Architecture into your company-wide, business-driven, EA blueprint. Smart companies are already doing this for 3 reasons:

1. To build your SAP Solution Architecture into your companies EA big picture, in order to break out of your SAP “silo”.
2. To make your SAP gurus all business-driven, speaking the language of business, not IT.
3. To be ready for real SOA, i.e. strategic deployment, when your company is ready.

Add this activity which I am sure you have forgotten, to your checklist – it will pay off big time for your business.

Do the words of Derek Prior resonate with you? What are your predictions for the world of SAP in 2008? Leave comments, We want to know!

SearchSAP.com Editorial Staff


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