Movable Type Open Source 4.1 Released – 1/28/2007

Movable Type open source 4.1 stable released… still looking for examples of social networking applications run on SAP Netweaver… I’ve sent a note to Craig Cmehil and waiting to hear back.

Comments by Byrne Reese…

Byrne Reese, MT’s product manager, posted the following to the MTOS developer list:

To keep everyone up to date, I have been working on the website all morning
to clean it up and orient it more around the MTOS project as opposed to the
commercial product.

Up until now there has always been a little tension regarding how to best
serve the MT user community on the .org site, because many users visiting
the site were simply wanting to download MT for free, and the best thing we
could direct them to was a stable, but closed source version. That in my
mind was unavoidable but it was something other OS advocates (not MT users
necessarily) noticed as well [7].

Now that we finally have a stable MTOS release, the site I think will
gain greater focus and conflict less with it’s counterpart,
as was always the plan.

I would like to say that it is my wish to keep focused on
the open source and community driven efforts (plugins, styles, articles,
news, etc) as much as humanly possible. That is my commitment to the MTOS
community. It may be a challenge at times, but I think as a community we can
learn to strike the balance that feels right to us.


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