Forget Miss America – the Social Bookmarking Winner Is….

How many social bookmarking sites are on a slow road to obscurity? Which is best to use?

Web research science tells us that web content has a “long tail”
distribution with an extremely high number of content variations.
Social bookmarking content providers follow this pattern – there are over 50 of them, and none have more than 5% of the total. However, there is a cluster of the strongest – Digg,, Reddit, MyWeb (yahoo), Netscape, Google, and Technorati.

Though the value of a network is theoretically supposed to increase exponentially based on the number of nodes, isn’t there a point of negative feedback when the complexity becomes too great? Too many choices can have a negative utility? As Charlene Li has complained, there is no “services architecture” for web 2.0 that provides seamless integration of personal information (social graphs) such as bookmarks. It is a challenge to publishers trying to accomodate user audiences and their numerous social bookmarking options.

I think of bookmarking segmented into three categories, even though there is blurring of the boundaries by some of the sites: general purpose (google bookmarks), blog / comment (bloglines, google blog search, co.mments), and news (digg, reddit).

The nifty site shows Digg, Technorati,, and Reddit leading. Insert your own choices on the site and create your own chart.

Google, Yahoo, and Netscape domains were omitted. Does Complete filter out spam bookmarking from the results? Anyone?

News-markers Digg / Reddit are growing extremely fast – Digg hits tripled from last year.  Netscape and and Google offer bookmarking, but Yahoo is the social bookmarking leader overall after acquiring and launching the  bookmarking this year. Compete’s site is unable to report on subdomains, so and were omitted from the chart,  but I included them in the “read more” segment of this post which also includes the following:

Digg, Netscape,
MyWeb2,, Backflip, Reddit, Furl, Spurl, Blogmarks, Technorati, Blinkbits,
Stumbleupon, Buddymarks, Diigo, Blinklist, Feedmelinks, Newsvine, Magnolia, Wink,
Givealink, Linkagogo, Citeulike, Rawsugar, Gravee, Rojo, Shadows, Simpy, Igooi,
Plugim, Linkroll, Zurpy, Hyperlinkomatic, Lilisto, Kinja, Netvouz, Tagtooga,
Looklater, Squidoo, Dzone, Feedmarker, Segnalo,
Scuttle, Wists, Maple, Tailrank, Mesfavs, Unalog provides a velocity chart which measures relative growth between domains. Here we
see Reddit’s growth (against a much smaller base than Digg, so don’t be
impressed) and Technorati’s moribund trend — could it be their
illiterati interface and irrelevant search engine results?

Web research science tells us that web content has a “long tail” distribution with an extremely high number of content variations. Social bookmarking content providers follow this pattern. It can be difficult to “bet on a winning horse”, because the largest content provider can be leapfrogged by a new paradigm. For publishers, I suggest using the top ranked bookmark links and a link service like for their content / posts… you just can’t list them all, unless a a popup (wordpress) or service (addthis) is used. Data from


Service Percentage of Clicks
Digg 5.6%
Netscape 4.6%
MyWeb2 4.5% 4.3%
Backflip 3.9%
Reddit 3.6%
Furl 3.6%
Spurl 3.2%
Blogmarks 3.0%
Technorati 2.9%
Blinkbits 2.7%
Stumbleupon 2.6%
Buddymarks 2.5%
Diigo 2.5%
Blinklist 2.4%
Feedmelinks 2.2%
Newsvine 2.1%
Magnolia 2.1%
Wink 2.0%
Givealink 1.9%
Linkagogo 1.8%
Citeulike 1.8%
Rawsugar 1.8%
Gravee 1.7%
Rojo 1.7%
Shadows 1.7%
Simpy 1.7%
Igooi 1.7%
Plugim 1.7%
Linkroll 1.6%
Zurpy 1.6%
Hyperlinkomatic 1.6%
Lilisto 1.5%
Kinja 1.5%
Netvouz 1.5%
Tagtooga 1.5%
Looklater 1.5%
Squidoo 1.3%
Dzone 1.2%
Feedmarker 1.2%
Segnalo 1.1%
Scuttle 1.0%
Wists 1.0%
Maple 1.0%
Tailrank 0.9%
Mesfavs 0.8%
Unalog 0.7%


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